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Design Philosophy

Electric Airplane
AeroTech offers an unique aircraft design, which incoporates the best from helicopter and traditional fix wing airplane.  The former doesn't require a runway to take off but is extrememly inefficient in cruising and therefore the range is very limited.  The latter is just opposite.

At AeroTech, we have designed a aircraft that can take off like a helicopter then smootly transition to a fix wing aircraft.  Our design goals are a revolutionary aircraft with better performance in noise, speed, range, safety and payload, while providing operation simplicity as well as affordability.

For propulsion, AeroTech adopted the concept of ducted fan, which has many advantages over the open propeller but comes with a price.  It produces higher thrust at the low speed but suffers from higher aerodynamic resistance in cruise.  AeroTech has developed a proprietary ducted fan design to overcome this shortcoming.
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